Rules and regulations regarding the Derby

Rules Regarding Derby Cars’ Specifications

The following rules are designed to provide our Cub Scouts with a fair and fun atmosphere in which to race.  At registration, each car will be weighed and inspected, to ensure its compliance with these rules.  Cars which do not comply with these rules may be removed from the Competition Classes at the discretion of the Derby Staff.  The car may have been built with some optional assistance by adults.


  • Materials:
    • All cars, irrespective of class must be constructed of the B.S.A.’s “Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Car Kit” (item no. WW17006).  No other car kits or pre-made cars are acceptable, and will not be permitted.
    • All parts which come with the official Derby kits must be used; conversely, parts from other sources may not be substituted in place of original parts.
  • Weight:
    • A car (including paint, decorations and decals) may weigh up to an including a maximum of 5 oz.  
    • The show scale weight will be official for all cars regardless of any other claims.  
    • Weight changes are permitted during the registration and inspection period, but not once the race has started.
  • Size and Dimensions:
    • The length of a car must be 7 inches or less. 
    • A car must be 2 11/16 inches wide or less (which includes the wheels). 
    • A car’s wheels must be 1 7/8 inches apart (the original wheelbase measurement for the official B.S.A. Derby car kit). 
    • A car must have a clearance above the track of at least 7/16”.
    • A car’s height cannot exceed 3 3/4 inches (or the car will not fit under the finish gate).
    • The front end of a car may not include a “V” cut or any other cut that allows any portion of the car’s front end to extend past the tracks’ starting pins, to avoid giving any cars unfair advantages.
    • Extensive rounding or reshaping of the front end of a car (i.e., bringing a car to a point), which prevents use of the starting gate is not permitted.

Wheel and Axles:

  • A car must use wheels and axles supplied in the official derby car kit. 
  • Solid axles (i.e., one axle for 2 wheels) are not allowed. 
  • Springs or suspension systems may not be installed.
  • Axles may be glued into a car. 
  • Any burrs or mold excess may be removed from wheels. 
  • No bearings, washers, bushings or other “non-kit” additions are allowed.
  • The car must be free-wheeling with no starting devices, flywheels, magnets or other motion enhancing devices.
  • The built-in axle slots in the kit block MUST be used.  Relocating slot positions or creating holes for axles in different locations is not permitted.
  • Rounding, reshaping, undercutting or removing portions of the wheels is not permitted



    • Only dry powder graphite or white B.S.A. Wheel and Axle Lubricant may be used to lubricate wheels and axles. 
    • No oil, grease or silicone lubricants are allowed.
  • Loose Items:
    • Any decorations or added weight must be permanently attached to a car with glue, nails, screws, etc.
    • No loose items of any kind are permitted in or on the car.
    • All attachments must conform to the original height, length, weight, wheelbase specifications listed above.
    • Items that detach from a car during a race will remain off.
  • Registration and Inspection:
    • Each car must be registered, weighed and inspected prior to the race.
    • All decisions of the Staff of the Derby concerning rules compliance are final.  
    • Competition classes:  cars which are found to be in violation of these rules may be repaired by their owners prior to racing.  Race officials will suggest reasonable adjustments in the cars before any disqualification, but are not responsible for performing repairs or making adjustments.  Cars which cannot be fixed in time for racing will be removed from the Competition Classes, and will be raced in the Open Class.  Such cars will not be allowed to win any of the Competition Class trophies.
    • All cars must be the official weight of 5 ounces or less – no exceptions.
    • Cars over the official weight of 5 ounces will be given a chance to reduce the weight to the official 5 ounces or less.

Impound Area:

    • After registration and inspection, all cars will be kept in an “Impound Area.”  
    • No car will leave the “Impound Area” except for racing, until the participant’s racing has been completed.
    • No alteration or modification of the car will be allowed once the car is in the impound area.
  • Racing times and “Pit Passes”racing times will be assigned randomly.  The cars assigned to the Rank Race will race first in order of Rank.  The Outlaw Race will be conducted next. The cars competing in the championship race will race once the other races are completed.   Note that the Derby Staff may, at its discretion, allow Cub Scouts to race ahead of other participants, regardless of their arrival and registration times.
  • Self Startingcars will be started simultaneously by a gate lever.
  • Crashes:  
    • If a car leaves the track or a wheel comes off before the car reaches the finish line, the race will be re-run.  
    • a one-time five minute pit stop will be allowed to repair a damaged car.
    • The “Official District Mechanic” will assist in making any and all repairs, but will not be responsible for the success of such repairs.