Wolves Visit Interfaith Food Pantry - Donate Food and Time

January 5, 2015 As part of an ongoing service project, the Wolves visited the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morris Plains and as a den generously donated 145 lbs of food!

Mrs. Miller, our tour guide, showed us the entire facility, including the panty where clients shop for food and the warehouse where the food is received, sorted and stored. 

The Wolves were put to work too!  Each wolf was given a large box of tea or sugar bags, which they re-packaged into many smaller portions of 10 bags each.  They filled about 6 large boxes at the end - Great Job!! 

Mrs. Miller explained that by taking larger boxes of food and splitting them into smaller portions the food could be shared with more people - which was a valuable lesson.  Overall, the boys had a lot of fun and learned how important giving and being of service is, especially for Scouts!