Upcoming Meetings

Here is a list of our upcoming meetings and events: 

Saturday, May 30-Sunday, May 31 - Brundage Preserve Campout. Please refer to the calendar for additional information and sign up forms.

Sunday, May 31 - 7:00 p.m  - Committee Meeting - everyone is welcome!! If you would like to become more involved with scouts, help at pack meetings, den meetings or any other events or tasks or just want to have a say, please come.  The meeting will be about 1 1/4 hours long.  I know it is an odd date, but it was the first that worked for most.  Hope you can make it.15 Willow Drive.

Monday, June 8 - Rain Gutter Regatta and Last Pack Meeting of the Year.  I have been informed this is a conflict with baseball All Star tryouts, but we don't really have another day that works.  I would like enrolled scouts to be there for a 7:00 start. The meeting says 6:45 but that is so new/prospective scouts can come at that time, ask questions, get handouts, etc.  This may be held outside, but not sure.  We will have a flag ceremony, advancement and the regatta. The boats are on my porch if you need one.  

We are looking into a minor league baseball game and will keep you posted.  Also, if you are interested in the Liberty Science Camp In on Saturday, October 3- October 4, please let me know.  Click here for more information.