Adopt A Family Information

Adopt A Family Information:

Gifts Due: Wednesday, December 10th.
Gift Drop Off: 8 Old Chimney Road (Curley House) 15 Willow Drive (Krog House)

Important Information:

The numbers that appear on the top of the stars (that you selected) are the case numbers associated with the 4 families that we are adopting this holiday season. We have Case T-51: a 32 year old mother & her 3 year old daughter & 8 year old son, Case V-19: a 21 year old mother & her 2 year old son, Case V-40: a 23 year old mother & her 5 year old son, and Case T-27: an 8 year old boy.

Please wrap the presents and tape the star to the top of the gift. I will then sort the gifts by case number before delivering them to the social worker in charge of distribution.

Thank you for selecting all the stars! We will be granting many wishes this holiday season.

Please email me or call me 973-607-1403 if you have any specific questions about the gift you selected to purchase, or about the recipient.